Claude: piccolo cucciolo abbandonato con le orecchie tagliate Credit: BARCS Animal Shelter On Sunday evening, Baltimore City Animal Control responded to a call for two dogs tied to a tree and several puppies on an empty lot at Belair Road and Anntana Avenue. When the officer arrived, he discovered that the puppies were for sale and one of the puppies was bleeding from the head and unwell. Someone had cut off his ears. The puppies and parents were seized and brought immediately to BARCS. This little guy, who we named Claude, was immediately seen by our veterinary team. It was clear that the inhumane and cruel removal of Claude's ears was done using poor instruments (such as household objects), leaving him with tissue damage, pain and infection. In the arms of our staff, little Claude whimpers and cries. When he hears an interesting sound, he attempts to tilt his head and move what is left of his ears, but only finds himself in more pain. He's only 10 weeks old, and just trying to do natural puppy behaviors…but he can't. What was wrong with the ears he was born with? Nothing. Our hearts are broken seeing this beautiful little boy's body mutilated, and thinking of the horrors of the act. Not only does ear cropping create unnecessary physical pain and discomfort for dogs, but it can also leave animals with lasting trauma. BARCS and organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association oppose the cropping or removal of a dog's ears. Dogs without ears are more at risk for reoccurring ear infections and medical complications throughout their life. They also show expression through body language, and their ears play a big part in that. Because Claude's wounds and infections were so severe and painful, he received an emergency first surgery yesterday here at BARCS. Unfortunately, in the necessary removal of untreated infected tissue, Claude lost even more of his ear

Claude: trovato abbandonato e senza orecchie

Claude è un piccolo cucciolo che è stato trovato abbandonato in strada in condizioni terribili: qualcuno si è divertito a seviziarlo tagliandogli le orecchie. Accanto a Claude la Polizia ha rinvenuto altri due cani legati ad un albero in condizioni disumane, denutriti e pieni di zecche e pulci; accanto a loro i cuccioli.
Le forza dell’Ordine stanno procedendo in questi giorni alla raccolta delle prove e alle indagini per scoprire chi si cela dietro il mostro che ha compiuto un simile gesto.
Il piccolo Claude e i suoi compagni di sventura ora sono stati trasferiti presso un’organizzazione del posto, la Barc, la quale, non appena i cuccioli saranno pronti, procederà a cercare per loro una famiglia che possa donare l’amore che non hanno mai ricevuto. 

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